Temple of Peace

Historic Hydesville Schoolhouse

The Journey Within is pleased to announce it has purchased the historic schoolhouse across from the Fox Sisters’ cottage. 

The Schoolhouse is located in Newark, “Hydesville”, New York.

We’ve been guided back to the historical beginnings of Spiritualism with the availability of this historic building in proximity to the Fox Cottage at this time.

The people of our generation are the stewards of Spiritualism.  It is our responsibility to re-ignite an interest in and understanding of our beloved Spiritualism and to nurture its future.  We believe this project will breathe new life into our movement.

The Temple of Peace, as it will be called, will be named in honor of our Spiritualst pioneers.

This portion of New York State is known as the ‘Burnt-Over District’.  Many new religions and movements have originated in this area. 

We ask for your help to make history again.

Help us to create this sacred space to hear the new whisperings of Spirit.

Our ultimate goal for renovation/repairs is to raise $250,000

Our first need is a new roof.

Any donation, no matter how small is very much appreciated.  All donations are tax deductable and 100% of your donation goes towards this project.

Thank you!!

*please note:  although this takes you to Paypal; you do not need a Paypal account to make a donation.